Clans: The Intersection of AI/Machine Learning with behavioral science

NEW! – Increase Customer Retention, Acquisition & Revenues With Implicit AI/ML Recommendation

Lewis Perdue – Future Drinks Expo Presentation – 051722 – Copyrighted Material

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How Existing Recommenders Throttle Ecommerce

25-to 35% of ecommerce revenues come from ordinary recommendations.

93% of consumers do not click on recommendations because they are irrelevant.

How is Clans Different?

Clans algorithm & code has been tested, and verified from 70% up to 81% accurate
using 250,000 normalized real-world, real people data records.

“Native” Clans data expected to be 90%+.

How is that Possible?

No ratings, no stars or 100-point scales, no reviews.

How then?

Clans captures user perceptions, then makes recommendations based on people
who perceive EXACTLY the same thing, EXACTLY the same way.

Why is this important, #1?

Because individual ratings and reviews are biased — fatally distorted — by genetics,
education, life experience, vocabulary, social pressure,
psychology, environmental settings
and other factors.

Why is this important, #2?

Because existing recommendations cost business billions of dollars and stifle revenue potential: especially for ecommerce.


The Clans perception-based system is vital
for ACCURATE recommendations for wine,music, books,
scents, movies, and every other product “of taste.”


Learn More About Clans

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  • Email Clans inventor and company founder Lewis Perdue.